The people behind Rickshaw are not new in the game. We have been around for nearly two decades, in our individual capacities, honing our skills in the many facets of events management and production. Ticketing and sales? You got it. Sounds expertise? Sure. Engineering background? You’re looking at it.

We look back with amazement and gratitude over the past years. We’ve had hits and misses. We’ve known famous people when they weren’t prominent yet.  We’ve learned to make do with second-hand tools and make miracles with them.

We’ve been building our capability for some time. We’ve been connected by friends we’ve helped before, who were happy with our work and who have trusted us with their projects. They have helped spread the word.

And now we’re ready when you are.

"Humble beginnings make for great starting points."


About Us



Just as a traditional rickshaw is pulled by man and not machine, Rickshaw Events Management Inc. strives to give its clients that unique, personal touch.


This is the kind of service that goes with knowing exactly what the client needs and wants, and making things happen through ingenious thinking and masterful execution. We have a name for it: practical intelligence. 

We’re not joining the rat race. Relax -- we’re savoring this ride.

"Rickshaw is

people driven."


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